Best Candid Images of 2017 – Quad Cities Wedding Photographer

If there’s one element of photographing people that I love the most, it’s the candid moments.

Those moments when people are unaware that their photo is being taken and are just being . . .  real. In my mind, the candid moments are where the heart and soul of photography dwells. Candid moments aren’t always perfect, but that is what I love most about them. Many candid images come about by luck, some are from my dedicated second shooters, and some are definitely a matter of being fast on my feet with my settings. 

2017 was filled with some of the best candid images thus far. I made it a goal to work harder to capture my clients’ spirits and tell their stories. After all, wedding photography is a story and wouldn’t be complete without capturing the fun, the emotions and those random moments that say 1000 words.

Please enjoy my favorites from 2017. It was hard to pick . . . and I’m certain I probably missed some, but these are the ones that either hit me right in the feels, made me laugh or simply captured those in-between moments that are inevitable on a wedding day.

Images are in no particular order, although the very first few are definitely my favs!