About Kelly & Reviews

“Her work speaks for itself. It’s beautiful! I don’t know how she always captures the perfect moments.” -Melissa Wilkie

Hilton Head Photographer - Quad Cities Destination Wedding Photographer - South Carolina

“Kelly is AMAZING!!! We appreciate her so much for not only her incredible talent, but her kind heart and warm personality! We will definitely be working with her again in the future” – Meredith Lagos

“We could not have hired a better photographer! Kelly was not only amazing at what we hired her to do at our wedding, but she also was super helpful in helping us with our timeline. I love that she was open to our ideas but had plenty of her own too! I was worried I wouldn’t like how I looked on my wedding day, but once I saw the pictures, I’d never felt more beautiful! She captured our day perfectly, and I can’t recommend her enough!” -Kelly Haertjens 

Kelly Rehnberg Photographer

If you’ve found yourself here, you are likely wondering a little about me, which, is kind of important considering I’m going to be following you around for the entirety of your wedding day! I truly believe that your wedding IS one of the best days of your life. Your wedding day not only celebrates your love, but is a time when all of your family and friends are together in one place . . . and that is something that rarely happens. Your wedding is an amazing event and that is truly what drives my passion for photography.

I am your typical right-brained artist with an eclectic soul, night-owl tendencies, and the ongoing drive to create something beautiful. My sense of humor and coffee addiction are the two things that have always kept me moving through this busy life of mine. I love weddings, my awesome clients and challenging myself to create something epic every time my camera is in my hand. 

My theory is: the better friends we become, the better your level of comfort will be in front of my camera. By accepting a select number of clients per year, I am able to provide an exclusive experience. There will be hugs, laughter, happy tears, and more than likely some wine, (if that’s your thing).

I have a ‘take charge’ attitude about life, but tend to be the observer in most social situations; (a “people watcher” if you will). Because of this, I have a unique and strong sense of others. When I combine that unique sense with my camera, I am able to predict many amazing moments throughout a wedding day. 
More about me:

My first professional camera came to me on my college graduation day in 2009. I remember snapping my first few photos and wondering, ‘hmmmm, maybe I should have majored in this?’ Ever since then, I’ve hit the ground running by taking many online-classes through the Seattle based Creative Live and attending nationally known conferences such as Shutterfest in St. Louis, MO., and WPPI’s Visual Nation in Chicago, IL. I’ve also taken classes with many internationally known photographers and I’ve had my work published in Shutter magazine.  I am CONSTANTLY educating myself further and refining not only my photography, but also my client experience.