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Session fees begin at $275 

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A non-refundable retainer fee of $200 is due upon booking with a signed contract. Then, the remainder of your session-fee is due at the time of your session. Approximately 4 weeks later, we will meet back up and this is when you will view your fully-edited proofs and purchase any books, digital images, art, etc. Iowa sales tax is not included on the pricing menus and does apply.

Your session fee includes, a pre-consultation where we go over any concerns/questions/wardrobe, your session of course, and the editing/retouching of your images. All products and digital images are purchased separately. The good news is that your images generally aren't done until four weeks after your session, and this is when you pay for additional products, therefore, it makes paying for your boudoir experience a bit more manageable. 

Believe it or not, most of the women you see in my portfolio did their own makeup and hair! I prefer clients to look natural, or just a little 'extra' than they normally would. Many women mentioned that they simply added a bold lip or false eyelashes to create extra drama. We recently learned that if you call first, Ulta will apply lashes for you! Otherwise, I have wonderful recommendations for makeup and hair if you'd like to go all out.

First of all, EVERY woman is sexy! Secondly, I will coach you through the entire process, including posing, what to wear, etc. I'm trained in posing women based on their bodies and the lighting I use is absolutely BOMB!! I've photographed women of all ages and sizes and I can tell you that posing and lighting is always the secret. If you ever want to reach out to a past client, I am happy to give you the hook up!

My goal is for you to look amazing and leave this experience feeling the confidence that every woman deserves to feel. With that said, I generally do a bit of retouching on most photos. This is something we will talk about prior to your session; addressing all of your concerns/body worries. I can most definitely smooth out cellulite, take away bra bulges, make little imperfections disappear, click away that zit, etc. With all that said, I am not out to make you look completely different or unnaturally 'photoshopped.'

Once you book your session, we can go over all of this. In the meantime, think about the pieces you currently own that make you feel sexy or just super cute! At this time, I do not have a wardrobe for my boudoir studio, but this is something I'm working on!

Absolutely yes! In your contract we will go over whether or not you are comfortable sharing images. Many women opt to allow me to share images, but many women do not. Either way is fine by me, it's all up to you!

LOL, no you don't! Your boudoir experience is all centered around your comfort level at all times. Many women do opt to do a few topless or nude poses, but again, that is all up to you! 

YES!! I've had boudoir photographs taken twice by another professional and I'm planning on it again in the near future. I think it's important to get in front of the camera every year as it gives me a really great perspective on what my clients are feeling and helps me better the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Payments & Retainers

Are my digitals included in my session fee?

Is makeup and hair included?

But, what if I don't feel sexy, or I think I'm too big, etc.

Will you photoshop me? Or fix things like zits, scars, cellulite, etc?

What should I wear and where should I go shopping? Do you provide outfits?

Are my images private?

Do I have to get naked for this?

Have you ever done boudoir yourself?

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