Karah & Lars-Renwick Mansion Wedding

On October 24th, I had the honor of photographing the amazing wedding of Karah & Lars at Renwick Mansion, in Davenport, IA.


This wedding was super special to me, not only because I absolutely LOVE photographing weddings, but because these two people are easily some of my favorite people on earth. Lars is my husband’s brother & I feel especially honored to now call Karah my sister!

The sun and moon definitely collided with these two, like, literally. I say this because they are so different in many ways, yet one cannot exist without the other.

My day started by arriving with my trusty sidekick, my husband Leif, (aka my light holder/gear hauler). Karah and the girls were busy getting ready upstairs in the mansion.

First, I photographed all of the details, which were lovely mix between rustic, and classic vintage.





Then I climbed the beautiful stairs of the Renwick Mansion to photograph Karah getting into her wedding dress.


I have never seen a bride so excited to marry her groom!

There were plenty of tears and hugs when Karah’s mom, Kimmie, stepped forward to help with the veil. The veil had belonged to Kimmie when she had been married and she was so excited to see her daughter wearing it.


At this point, Karah and I headed into the amazing hallway and took some stunning portraits in front of the balcony window.


Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-152015-12-28_0017Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-162015-12-28_0016We then headed down for the “first look.”


Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-10 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-11

Where’s the wedding party?

Oh, right here!


Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-12 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-13Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-14

Lars & Karah’s creative session . . .


2015-12-28_0018 2015-12-28_0020 2015-12-28_0021 2015-12-28_0022 2015-12-28_0019

Then it was time for the ceremony . . .

Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-20 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-21 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-22 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-23 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-24





Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-27As usual, I wanted to get some sunset photos . . . and OMG! We were in for a surprise, as it had been cold, cloudy and windy for most of the day . . . but, despite all of that, the sky opened up for a beautiful display right at sunset . . . No, this is NOT a fake sky 😉


Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-30 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-31 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-33

Party Time!!!

. . . which began with the Daddy/Daughter dance and followed with much celebration, music, singing, and dancing!

Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-36 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-37 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-40 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-41 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-38 Quad-Cities-wedding-photographer-Renwick-mansion-39Such a perfect day!

Congrats to Karah and Lars!


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