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Hello everyone!

I’m editing away over here tonight, so tonight’s blog is a short little ditty on lighting and why it matters.

On your wedding day, the light will change drastically throughout the day. Maybe you are getting married in a dimly lit church, maybe your reception venue has dramatic uplighting, or maybe you have an outside wedding at noon with full sun . . . Whatever your situation, how your photographer uses light will have a huge impact on your final images.

As a photographer, I need to be prepared for any lighting situation. It’s not just something that can be fixed later in photoshop, so I always come prepared with extra lights & the knowledge from the dozens of classes and trainings I’ve attended.

Let’s take the bottom before & after as an example:

The first photo is shot with available or “natural” light. It’s a nice shot, but it’s beginning to get darker and my subjects eyes are in shadows. It just didn’t have the “pop” I was looking for.


The next image, taken just seconds after, is a great example of using light in a creative manner. An additional light source is added to add drama & depth to an otherwise “natural light” image.


This is also another great example on why hiring a professional for your big day is key. By doing so, you can ensure that you will receive a wide range of creative photographs utilizing various lighting techniques . . . These are the epic images that will have everyone raving on social media after your wedding day!




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