Carrie & Patrick’s Quad Cities Wedding

In November, I had the privilege of photographing Carrie & Patrick’s wedding. Not only was the entire day a blast, but they had a great wedding party too!

The day started in the church where all of the girls were busy getting ready. This gave me a chance to snap a few “detail shots.”

Cadenza Photo Imaging, Quad Cities Photographer

Carrie & Patrick's wedding

After a bit, the girls helped Carrie into her dress & her mom carefully buttoned up the back.

And of course . . . Jewelry . . .

Quad Cities Wedding Photographer

Such a gorgeous bride!!

Then Carrie & Patrick did a letter exchange. (I swear I didn’t cry!)

Then the ceremony! Which was absolutely amazing & had the best music, hands down!


Then it was time for a little fun! (There may or may not have been a bar involved) 😉


And since Carrie & Patrick both ski with the Back Water Gamblers, we knew we just had to grab some shots, (like . . .  the photograph kind), at the ski site. We thought we could beat the bus, so Carrie & Patrick jumped in my car (which was hilarious) and we may or may not have sped to make the sunset.

We did alright!

Then it was time for the beautiful reception at Stoney Creek Hotel! Check out these beautiful details!

The speeches were definitely a huge hit . . . and involved poster board . . . and a high school teacher.

And as you would probably guess, the reception was an absolute blast!

Such an awesome day from beginning to end!


I totally have the best job ever!






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