Breaking the mold on Engagement Photos . . .Quad Cities Wedding Photographer

Have you decided on your Quad Cities Wedding Photographer for your big day?

Are you looking to “break the mold” for your engagement session?

How about doing an engagement session at night?

Say what!?


A little extra lighting & we can totally rock some awesome shots!

Last year at Shutterfest, (the most awesome photog conference around), I photographed this lovely couple! This is in St. Louis outside of Union Station, and I’m totally hoping someone wants to give this a go here in the QC!

Night Engagement sessions can be added on as a “mini session” for those that still want traditional day-time sessions too 😉

2016-01-21_0006-quad-cities-wedding-photographer 2016-01-21_0001-quad-cities-wedding-photographer 2016-01-21_0002-quad-cities-wedding-photographer 2016-01-21_0003-quad-cities-wedding-photographer 2016-01-21_0004-quad-cities-wedding-photographer




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