The best of 2015 . . . Kelly & Dan’s Engagement – Quad Cities Wedding Photographer

Since blogging and I are relatively new friends, I wanted to begin recapping some of my favorite sessions & images from 2015. I’d like to start out by featuring Dan & Kelly’s Engagement.




There’s nothing quite like an awesome vintage truck!!

Kelly and Dan will be getting married this August and I can’t say enough great things about them. They are both super awesome people & Kelly has been such a huge supporter of my business. She’s constantly recommending me to people & I’m pretty sure I should just hire her to officially help me with marketing! 😉

This session was a ton of fun and ended in an epic downpour! ….but, I always make the most out of any situation!

Quad-Cities-Wedding-Photographer-cadenza-Photo-Imaging-Engagement-5 Quad-Cities-Wedding-Photographer-cadenza-Photo-Imaging-Engagement-1 Quad-Cities-Wedding-Photographer-cadenza-Photo-Imaging-Engagement-4

Stay tuned for more of my blogging adventures! I will be sharing more sessions from 2015 soon.

If you haven’t booked your Quad Cities Wedding Photographer, we need to talk 😉



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